About Us

David ‘Slocum’ Hewson is the owner and founder of Amaru Spirit, a holistic healing center located in the Amazon jungle. He lives on the property with his wife and two children.

Having spent 20 years as an artist, Slocum moved to Iquitos, where he dedicated much of his time to painting subjects from the Peruvian Amazon. Following many years of study with traditional shaman and undergoing extensive plant diets and initiation, he designed and built Amaru Spirit. In addition to creative expression through art, which he feels is greatly enhanced through the use of plant medicines, Slocum believes that a modern understanding of nutrition and physical cleansing can be combined with the ancient shamanic art of healing the body and spirit through the use of plant medicines; and the two are necessary and synergistic.

In order to provide the highest quality of service to our guest’s, Amaru Spirit employs a large number of local staff to support the operation. The Amaru Spirit family includes our live-in shaman and his wife, as well as kitchen, laundry, cleaning, maintenance, and grounds staff. 

David "Slocum"Owner
Tomaz Mueller
Tomaz MuellerAyuwave
Linda Sheer
Linda SheerCenter of Awakened Health (COAH)
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